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General terms of operation for Club Mr. Pet cardholders


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  3. CLUB Mr. Pet CARD


a) The general terms of operating Club Mr. Pet club are the legal basis for business activities with a Club Mr. Pet card (hereinafter referred to as card). By signing an application form to acquire a Club Mr. Pet card, a member confirms his/her knowledge of the club's terms of service and undertakes to comply with these, as listed below. The general terms of the club's activities are published on the website and available in Mr. Pet shops.
b) A member of the club can be any natural person having completed fifteen (15) years of age. When enrolling, persons below fifteen (15) years of age must submit the signature of their parents or legal representatives. A Club Mr. Pet card can also be acquired by a legal entity.
c) Membership in the club is free of charge and unconditional (except for filling in an application form), and is valid until a written cancellation by the member of the club or by the issuer in the manner defined in point 10.
d) A person can register in the club via the application form for acquiring a Club Mr. Pet card (hereinafter referred to as the application), available in Mr. Pet shops or the Mr. Pet on-line store on the website.
e) The term club member refers to a person who joins the club via an application. A club member is the holder of the membership with whom Mr. Pet directly communicates.
f) The term cardholder refers to the holder of a card with a unique club number to whom the club card was handed over to by a member of the club. Cardholders are both a club member and a person whom a club member gave a small (family) card with a unique barcode for their own use.

a) The card allows a cardholder to participate or be included in various benefits entered on the site and/or published in Mr. Pet marketing materials, public media or in messages received by members in writing at their home address, e-mail address or GSM. When presenting the card at the time of purchase, cardholders are entitled to more favourable prices in accordance with the advertised campaign, whereby they are granted a bonus on the card or an immediate discount.
b) A bonus is earned by purchasing products and services in Mr. Pet shops, except when purchasing Mr. Pet gift (value) vouchers.
c) Cardholders can use their benefits in Mr. Pet shops in Slovenia.
d) A club member can receive personalized benefits based on the data obtained in accordance with point 7.a. Offers or benefits received by individual members may vary in the same period of time.

a) The issuer and the club card owner is Pet Network SI d.o.o. company, seated at Celovška cesta 258, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Pet).
b) A club card is received by each member of the club who duly completes the application and submits it for processing in a Mr. Pet shop, or each customer who logs in or registers on the website in the manner defined in the general terms of Mr. Pet online store.
c) After submission of a completed application, the customer receives a set of club cards: a large card and one (1) small card (a plastic pendant with the membership number in barcode form). When registering in the club via the website, a member receives this set of cards by post to his/her home address within fifteen (15) days after the application was received.
d) The term club card refers to both cards with the same number in the set of cards. Both cards are eligible to earn and use bonuses. The benefit acquired with one of the cards can be used with both cards at any Mr. Pet shop. Getting bonuses is also possible through smartphones (if a member’s bar code is entered into the phone), but bonuses can only be used by submitting the card. How to use the card with a smartphone is described more in detail on the website. Bonuses can also be collected through purchases made on the Mr. Pet online store, with the earning and use of bonuses from online purchases defined in the general terms of Mr. Pet online store. 
e) The club card is activated by the cashier upon its issue. A cardholder may present a Club Mr. Pet card when purchasing goods or services at all points of sale referred to in point 2.c. in quantities suitable for household consumption.
f) A member of the club may, at their own responsibility, forward the card to selected persons, whereby Mr. Pet does not assume responsibility for the use of the card or the data provided for the use of it through a telephone application.
g) Membership also enables the use of other club benefits that are valid in a given period and listed on the website.

a) The club card allows a cardholder to earn and use credit (hereinafter referred to as the bonus) by submitting the card at the time of purchase.
b) Bonus values are placed on the club card in the form of a discount and, when earned or used, they are automatically added or deducted from the club card. 
c) It is necessary to submit the club card to earn or use benefits or bonuses. A club member can use club benefits in the online store by registering in the manner defined in the general terms of the Mr. Pet online shop.
d) A bonus can only be obtained at the time of purchase, and not after this.
e) Mr. Pet is not obliged to verify the identity of the cardholder when submitting a club card at the time of purchase.
f) With the accumulated bonus, the cardholder may lower the final payment value for any product or service. 
The earned bonus can be used from the next day after the purchase has been made. This does not apply to bonuses earned in the online store. 
h) A cardholder may use the bonus earned in the current calendar year up to and including the 31st of January the following year within the working hours of each Mr. Pet shop. After that date, all unused bonuses are deleted from the card. Subsequent use or extension of the deadline for using unused bonuses is not possible.
i) In the event that the sum of a purchase is equal to or less than the total value of the bonus on the club card, the cardholder may claim a bonus of 100% of the amount of the invoice. In the event that the final value of the bonus is higher than the purchase value, the difference is not paid in cash, but instead remains on the card.
j) It is not possible to receive cash for the bonus collected on the card.
k) The bonus can be used in part or in full. The bonus collected on one club card can be claimed for each purchase. The bonuses of different cards cannot be added together.
l) A cardholder who wants to return the goods for which a bonus was received on the card is able to receive the entire purchase price; the value of the bonus received by the holder at the time of the purchase of the product is deducted from the balance on the card if the card balance allows it. In the event that the cardholder has already used the bonus, the amount of the refund is reduced by the amount of the bonus received by the holder upon the purchase of the returned item. 
m) The balance and validity of the bonus on the card are visible on each bill. The bonus is calculated for an individual product or item on the bill and is rounded to two (2) decimal places.
n) Bonuses earned are within the competence of a club member, and Pet Network SI d.o.o. cannot be held responsible for them. 
o) When a club member applies for a new card in the case of theft, loss, damage or other justified reason, the bonus of the old card cannot be used until it is transferred from the old card to the new one. The transfer is made within twenty (20) days, as presented in point 11.d.
p) In the event that misuse with regard to the acquisition and / or in use of a bonus or a misuse of a club card is suspected, then Mr. Pet reserves the right to cancel the card.


Bonus scale
a) The bonus scale consists of four rating classes determined by the sum of purchases made with the club card in Mr. Pet shops and the online store for a period of 6 months. Collection of purchases is possible only when the card is presented at the time of purchase. If customers do not submit club cards at the time of purchase, the purchase will not be added and the bonus will not be calculated. The rating starts at € 0.00. 
b) Classification in a rating class is based on the sum of purchases with the club card in the past 6 months.
c) Rating classes and the related bonuses of the Club Mr. Pet card are shown in the following table.

Rating class (the sum of purchase values in the past 6-month period)

Bonus (percentage of the purchase value to be loaded on the card (in €))

0,00-199,99 €


200,00-399,99 €


400,00-599,99 €


600,00 € in več


The rating scale is valid from 1st April 2015 onwards.

d) For a member who joined Club Mr. Pet after 1st April 2015, based on an application or via the website, the accumulation of purchases and classification into a rating class begins with the first purchase after the subscription and the activation of the card. The value of the current purchase is applicable for classification in a rating class the next calendar day.

a) An online store is a site where a person can make purchases of items that are presented on it.
b) A first-time purchaser in Mr. Pet online store must be registered in the online store before making his/her first purchase in the manner defined in the general terms of Mr. Pet online store.
b) A current club member logs onto the online shop with a username (email address) and a password.
d) Purchases carried out in the online store are collected on a club card to be classified in a rating class. 

a) By signing a statement in the application, the customer confirms that they are familiar with the general terms of Club Mr. Pet and accepts them in full. The customer allows Mr. Pet to process their personal data for the purpose of performing direct marketing and carrying out activities and card operations, for which Mr. Pet may use the information provided in the application or any time later in any form, and the data on the purchases carried out, which Mr. Pet may use to study shopping habits to segment and implement targeted marketing, and to inform customers about new offers. With this, the customer is also entitled to personalized offers and benefits that they will receive via mail, email or over the phone in the form of calls or SMS/MMS messages. By signing the agreement, the customer confirms that he/she is aware that they can, at any time, cancel this statement in writing and request the data controller to stop processing the above data, or unsubscribe from receiving promotional notices.
b) By signing the application, the customer ensures that the information given is true and accurate, and allows Mr. Pet, as the card issuer, to verify the card data and electronically process it.
c) As a data controller, Mr. Pet processes and protects all personal data on its own or through the contracted processor of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, and does not pass it on to third parties.
d) A Mr. Pet club member may at any time request in writing that the personal data controller permanently or temporarily discontinues the use of their personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. The data controller is obliged to adequately prevent the use of data for the purpose of direct marketing within fifteen (15) days, and to inform the club member who requested it in writing or as otherwise agreed (e-mail) within a further five (5) days. 
e) In case of termination of the membership, as defined in point 10, Mr. Pet as the data controller undertakes to keep information on a member for a maximum of one (1) year. 

a) A club member may modify the personal data listed on the application for his/her card using the data change form, taking into account the specific conditions for changing the name, as specified in point 8.e.
b) Only a club member can require the data on his/her own card to be changed. The personal data of the person requesting the change of data must match the data of the club member; otherwise, the requested changes will not be made.
c) Mr. Pet has the right to request access to a customer’s identity document in order to confirm the details match the data in its records.
d) A club member’s data will be changed within fifteen (15) days of the submission of the data change form.
e) A club member may request the change of his/her personal name with the data change form under the following conditions:

  • If a typing error occurred when entering the data, and the member requests a correction. This can be done without additional documents, or
  • If the member changed his/her personal name to another personal name; in this case, a valid identity document must be submitted with the request for the change.

f) In the event that a club member changes the personal data entered in the application, the change of data has to be communicated within thirty (30) days of the change. The amended data will be taken into account by Mr. Pet within twenty (20) days of receiving the data change form.
Mr. Pet is not liable for any damage resulting from the changed or incorrect personal data of a club member.
g) A club member who does not wish to receive special offers in printed form (a catalogue of benefits, direct mail, etc.) or electronic notices, can unsubscribe from these activities with the completed data change form. The form can be:
 (1) handed in personally in a Mr. Pet shop,
 (2) sent by mail to the address Pet Network SI d.o.o., Celovška cesta 258, 1000 Ljubljana, or
 (3) sent by e-mail to
 (4) A customer can also unsubscribe from electronic notifications directly by clicking Unsubscribe in a notification.
h) A club member who does not wish to receive multimedia messages (SMS/MMS), can unsubscribe from these activities in the following ways:
 (1) Via the data change form (to be handed in at a Mr. Pet shop or sent to the address Pet Network SI d.o.o., Celovška cesta 258, 1000 Ljubljana).)
 (2) Via an electronic written request sent to the email address: The message must state the club membership number and the GSM number to which the multimedia message is received.
i) If a club member wants to combine two different cards because of repeatedly enrolling in the club with different data in the past, or if two family members wish to merge their cards, or two cards should be joined for another justified reason, a request to merge cards must be fulfilled. Mr. Pet will perform the merger no later than in twenty (20) days after receiving the completed request form. A club member gets the form in Mr. Pet shops and on the website, completes it and hands it over in a Mr. Pet shop or sends it to the address Pet Network SI d.o.o., Celovška cesta 258, 1000 Ljubljana.

a) Mr. Pet will inform the club member about any news, benefits and other information through the contact information provided by the club member in his/her application.
b) Mr. Pet communicates via email with a club member whose home address or GSM number are not registered in the Republic of Slovenia.

a) A club member may terminate membership on the basis of a completed termination of membership form, submitted at a Mr. Pet point of sale, or sent to the address Pet Network SI d.o.o., Celovška cesta 258, 1000 Ljubljana, or to the email address
b) Mr. Pet deactivates membership within fifteen (15) days from the date the termination form is received. Both cards from the set of cards are deactivated. 
Any unused bonus on the card is irreversibly cancelled at the time of deactivation.
d) When deactivating the cards, membership in the club and all membership benefits are terminated.


a) In case of the loss of any card from the set, card blocking is possible in the following ways:
 (1) In a Mr. Pet shop, through completing the blocking and card replacement form (implemented within seven (7) days),
 (2) With a written request through sending a blocking and card replacement form to the email address (blocking will be carried out within forty-eight (48) hours of the message being received),
 (3) With a phone call to 01 507 4000 (blocking will be made within twenty-four (24) hours of the message being received).
b) In cases of loss, destruction or damage to the card, a club member is entitled to a new card package. The club member completes a card replacement form, available at all Mr. Pet points of sale. Mr. Pet can charge the cost of making a new card to the customer who requested it.
c) The new card is activated when issued. At the same time, the old card is deactivated and no longer suitable for use.
d) The benefits on the old club card which have been earned by the cardholder and not used by any person until the moment of blocking/deactivation are automatically transferred to the new card within twenty (20) days from activation of the new card.
g) In the event that the club card is in any way misappropriated from the cardholder, the company does not take any responsibility for the use and possible misuse of the card, i.e. the use of bonuses and benefits by third parties.

a) In the event of force majeure and technical difficulties that impede the smooth functioning of the computer system, the use and earning of bonuses and other club benefits are not provided to cardholders by Mr. Pet for the time period when systemic interruptions have occurred.
b) Pet Network SI d.o.o company reserves the right to supplement and amend these general terms. Any modifications thereof will be publicly posted on the website. If a cardholder uses the card after the modifications have been published, it is considered that they are informed of and agree with them.
Pet Network SI d.o.o. reserves the right to cancel Club Mr. Pet cards and any associated benefits. The members shall be notified thereof by information posted on the website and/or by email.
c) Any dispute between a club member and the card issuer shall be settled by the competent court in Ljubljana.
Validity of the general terms: from 1st January 2015 until a change or cancellation. 
With the entry into force of these general terms, the terms of membership of Club Mr. Pet, which were valid and published on website until 31st March 2015, completely cease to apply.

Pet Network SI d.o.o. company is registered in the court register of the District Court in Ljubljana under the number 1/40729/00. Registration number: 2032279, Tax number: 54536626, Share capital: 12.519,00 €.